The LarimarandSilver Muse


The LarimarandSilver Muse

The oficial story of Larimar started before I was born, nearly 50 years ago, and also involved a
young girl: Larissa, the daughter of the man who spotted this blue stone in the Caribbean Sea...
Using “LARI”: the first letters of his daughter’s name and “MAR”: the Spanish word for sea,
Miguel Mendez named is discovery LARIMAR.

It turned out that the stone did not came from the sea but was carried to the shore by a river
nearby. In search for the origin of the few pebbles he had gathered on the beach, Mendez’s
trek ended a few miles upstream on the slope of an extinct volcano. This place would later
become “La Mina”, the mine: the only known location in the world to extract larimar stones.
Today, Larimar is a symbol of the Dominican Republic; belived by some to be a mysterious
remain of Atlantis; called by others the “dolphin stone”, sought after for its energetic powers
and considered to be “la piedra del amor”, the love stone.

But for me, Larimar, is an even more personal story... With my birth, this unique and magical
blue gemstone also entered the life of my parents and turned out to be the start of a very
succesful family jewelry business: LarimarandSilver.

Accompanying my parents to the mine, watching them sorting the slabs on the floor, I
naturally started playing with them and drawing on the slices, as I saw my father do. Year,
after year I grew up with Larimar stones all around me, marvelled to see them becoming blue
hearts, water drops, exotic birds, leaping dolphins and handcrafted jewels renowed all around
the world.


Credits: Juliette the Muse

Name: Larimar Story
Location: Barahona / Santo Domingo

Visit website: Larimarandsilver


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