What makes our larimar special?



Have you ever asked yourself : why is my larimarandsilver jewel looking so special?

Of course, there is a reason! Better said, there is a philosophy behind the way our larimar stones are transformed into jewelry. Larimar for us, beyond being a gem, is a natural treasure only waiting to be found. Our art resides in the way of looking at the stone... 
Larimar is always talking us. Larimar is telling us stories. Larimar is triggering our imagination. No surprise  for us that some people believe that this stone is a medium to improve communication and explore inner wisdom. Because that is precisely the effect that this stone has on us! We see a dolphin in the pattern, we make a dolphin. We see a bird in the stone, we create a bird.
We never cut a stone to make it fit into a silver casting. We listen to the stone. We let the stone  transform through our imagination. To take shape. To come alive. And we only use silver to frame Larimar like a valuable painting. This is our motto! That's what makes our jewelry so spectacular. So spirited. So unique. And so sought after, by people who really appreciate the poetic, spiritual  and sometime magical, Power of Larimar.


Credits: Juliette the Muse 

Name: Have you ever asked yourself : WHAT MAKES OUR LARIMAR SPECIAL?
Location: Barahona / Santo Domingo

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