Larimar Mystery

 Larimar mystery!


There are two strange facts about Larimar that most people usually don’t  know: Larimar is fotosensitive and Larimar is hydrophane.


The photosensitive property of Larimar explains how the color of your Larimar will fade over time: repeated exposure to direct sunlight will make it lose its color. This is the reason why most of the so-called “vintage” Larimar jewels look so pale blue compared to a brand “new” Larimar .  A simple solution: protect your Larimar from the sun, and absolutely avoid forgetting your jewel near a window, or on any sunny spot. Fortunately the loss of color will not happen overnight. You can keep enjoying your Larimar jewelry at the beach or in your everyday life because today you will also learn a second “secret” about this mysterious gemstone...


Larimar patterns can mimic water perfectly. Telling you that in addition this mineral is hydrophane explains why it is also called “the dolphin stone”. In fact, Larimar literally comes alive in water. Its “cells” structure is porous enough to absorb water, much like a sponge.. This property (shared with some opals) results in one important thing to know: the best way to take care of your stone is to give it a bath of clear water from time to time. The transformation is spectacular: an exhausted and discolored Larimar will turn blue again!


Maintaining the beauty of your Larimar jewelry is easy. Keep it in a dark place. Twice a year, soak it overnight in a glass of fresh bottled water. And from time to time wash it with baby soap, to remove dust, perfume chemicals and traces of sweat.

Credits: Juliette the Muse

Name: Larimar Story
Location: Barahona / Santo Domingo

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